Support Groups & More

Grand Rapids Support Group

Meets Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm at Spectrum Health Healthier Communities.

Moms Matter Support Group (Holland)

Moms Matter: a postpartum connection and support group in Holland, MI open to any woman in Ottawa, Kent, or the surrounding communities.

About Moms Matter:  

We know adding a baby to your family ushers in season of changes and challenges. We support moms in this season because we know how important they are to the whole family! 

Moms Matter is a social support group for any interested mother, including perinatal (pregnant), postpartum, and post-adoption moms. We are led by a licensed therapist from The Postpartum Support Center of Holland in partnership with Harderwyk Ministries. Please join us!  We would love for you to send an email and let us know you are coming, but you may also drop in.

  • We meet weekly Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30 during the school year  
  • Summer schedule:  We meet Monthly, in a pleasant outdoor setting on the Harderwyk Campus, weather permitting 
  • 2018 Summer Meeting dates are:

May 30
June 13
July 18
August 1

  • Meeting Location:  Harderwyk Ministries 

Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI 49424 
Office: 616-399-9190 

Anchor Office: 616-928-0312

Mother Baby Inpatient Program (Grand Rapids)

Some Moms need more intensive support than outpatient therapy can provide.  Thanks to Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, a Mom doesn’t have to leave her baby to get it.  They have created one of the few hospital programs for Moms with more elevated Postpartum Depression or Anxiety symptoms to receive the care she needs with baby at her side so no bonding is interrupted during the crucial period for both Mother and Infant.

Moms Bloom

A local organization that help Moms with a variety of needs, started by a woman who survived postpartum depression herself!

Pospartum Support International

Postpartum Support International (PSI) offers a world of articles, events and resources to women everywhere.

Sex Help

Many women have fears about sex following childbirth, pain, or lack of desire for sex with their husbands even though they love them very much.  Sometimes people rethink their sex lives prior to children and want to negotiate a new sexual pact that is more inline with the values they want to teach their children.  The addition of a baby often causes parents to rethink a lot of things in their life and sex is no exception.  For those who have concerns about their or their spouse’s use of pornography, compulsive sexual behaviors, or pattern of infidelity, can be a very useful resource.  There is even a screening tool that can be used to help determine the extent of a sexual or intimacy problem.